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Year of production: 2015

Running Time: 6:00 min.

Color / Sound

The Director's Reel presents an overview of Debra's work, showing short clips from 20 of Debra's films. To view longer clips from her films, please watch the Longer Clips--Traditional and Longer Clips--Offbeat reels below. Most of Debra's films are NOT online (she's very protective of them!), but below the Longer Clips reels are two short videos made expressly for YouTube viewing (Adult Day Center / ReCharge! and Another Day).

Click on the IMDb logo or Filmography tab, at right, for information regarding additional films. Debra has made 25+ films. 




Year of production: 2015

Running Time: 10:03 min.

Color / Sound

This reel contains segments from films Debra directed that are more mainstream or traditional in format: On the Street Where You Live (documentary), The Witches of Eastwick (dark comedy), Marty (drama), and Danger (drama).




Year of production: 2015

Running Time: 8:44 min.

Color / Sound

This reel contains segments from three of Debra's more offbeat film projects: Going with Grandma for Her Prunes (children's film), Miami Feist (comedy), and The Case for Lobotomy (experimental). All three were written and directed by Debra. Note: The Case for Lobotomy approaches a subject of great gravity through the use of humor. The gibberish-sounding phrases are actual Film Criticism terms. 



Year of production: 2014

Running Time: 10:13 min.

Color / Sound 

This playful film showcases two innovative programs for elderly folks in Milwaukee: the Adult Day Center assists people with functional impairment, and the ReCharge! class helps people with memory loss. Former Wisconsin Governor Martin Schreiber and his wife Elaine appear in the film, along with a variety of other participants and family members. Note: There is no sound during the first 10 seconds of the film.


  Whispering Campaign


Year of production: 2017

Running Time: 4:05 min.

Color / Sound 

This music video showcases the work of Chris Wellin, who formed the band Whispering Campaign and wrote the music and lyrics for Another Day -- inspired by his experiences living in Milwaukee, where this video was shot.  Elisa Sutherland plays the humble heroine, Lorraine Hoffmann has a supporting role, and Chris makes a cameo appearance.

BEST MUSIC VIDEO - Andromeda Film Festiv


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Best Music Video at Andromeda Film Festival for Wrong Man on Your Mind; Best Inspirational Film at Top Shorts Film Festival (monthly winner) for Adult Day Center / ReCharge!; Audience Choice Award for Best Commercial/Advertisement at Port Blair International Film Festival (monthly winner) for Recorders Play Jewish Music; Best Performance at Music Video Clip Monthly Awards for Wrong Man on Your Mind; Best Women's Film at World Film Carnival - Singapore (monthly winner) for Wrong Man on Your Mind; STIFFY for Fast Food Award at Seattle True Independent Film Festival for An Ordinary Woman; Best Actress Award at Quickie Fest for An Ordinary Woman; Spirit Award at Chashama Film Festival for Metamorphosis; Honorable Mention for Best Inspirational Film at New York International Film Awards for Adult Day Center / ReCharge!; Honorable Mention at The Macoproject Film Festival for Recorders Play Jewish Music; Finalist for Best Mock Product at Mockumentary Film Festival for Mendel's Black Hats; Staff Pick at Action on Film International Film Festival for Adult Day Center / ReCharge!


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OFFICIAL SELECTION - World Film Carnival
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